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About the election.

I, like many other people, am extremely upset about the outcome of this election, and I know it is partially my fault because I didn’t vote. Before you discount my opinion based on that fact, the reason was more than just not caring (Fulton County didn’t send me a ballot till less than three business days before an election and I couldn’t send in my ballot in time to vote.) Anyway, the election happened, and it is over, the election results are set in stone. You can’t change them. Don’t try to protest for this purpose, you are not “exercising your first amendment right,” much rather, you are showing a blatant disregard for Democracy, which is the ultimate pillar for our political system. In 1800, America set a precedent when it handed power over from John Adams’ Federalist party to Jefferson’s Democratic-Republican party. That election was the first time in history where Democracy actually worked. Is this election a good reason for you to prove that America isn’t great?

If you are still upset, here are 3 things to help you cope with this election:

  • The TOTAL number of votes was 119,500,978. To put that number in perspective, there are 318.9 million people in the US. You know what percentage of America voted? 37%. Trump got less than half of that, and less than Clinton. Trump doesn’t represent the majority; he represents a sliver of America. Next time, it doesn’t matter what the polls say, get out there and VOTE!
  • The legislation which is passed does not start with Donald at the top, it starts with Congress, which has been held by the Republicans over the last 2 years. Guess what, they actually lost 2 seats in this election from 53 to 51. Some of these people do not reflect Trump or his ideology, so even to pass some of his legislation, the Republicans are going to need to be all on the same page, one person faltering on either side could lead to things not passing. Here is to hoping that Republican leaders who denounced Trump during the election don’t do a full 180 on their morals.
    1. The Republicans also lost 5 seats in the House of Representatives.
  • The Supreme Court. (Before I go further, all of my conservative friends who are reading this and are thinking the last 8 years of government were Obama’s fault, I can blame the last two on Mitch McConnell, the man threw a tantrum and refused to do his job because he is a pansy. Please Kentucky, vote this man out of office, he has shown multiple times that he isn’t capable of respecting the structure of our government, and the power of the people who are in power with him.)

Where was I? Right, the Supreme Court. Trump will nominate a justice, but remember that balance I mentioned in the Senate? Those guys need to approve Trump’s nomination. It takes just one Republican to say no, and the person doesn’t get appointed. Also, the Supreme Court is shielded from public opinion, so they will make the right decision for the American people, biases partially aside. Whether or not they do, is up to them. ( Interesting piece from Obama about how different it is when politics is not in the hands of the crowd.)

Now, what should you do for the next four years if you aren’t happy about this election? Here are some steps:

  • Stay aware of social and political issues as they unfold, don’t go from being an online political expert to not caring. Stay woke, know where you stand.
  • Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion on issues as they come to Congress, send letters to your congressmen or congresswomen and local leaders who don’t support your opinion. They are a letter or an email away. You can impact the world if you care. (If you can’t get your congressman to vote in your favor, start a movement, i.e. a protest to get the
  • Don’t be afraid to show support publicly. I don’t mean taking to the streets and protest, I mean talk to your friends about a policy that you support or don’t support. Have healthy discussion on both sides of the issue. This could change your viewpoint and show you that you are wrong, or change their viewpoint or bring awareness to this issue. I mean donating or volunteering for an organization which has similar viewpoints to you and the means to make the change happen.

This is what you can do to improve society. Don’t protest the election, work for the future.

As for the people who think Trump is good, and will be the greatest president ever…. Boy, I have some words for you…

Here are some things in America which make me feel unsafe or that I don’t belong:

  1. Having to shave before I board a plane so “I don’t look like a terrorist”
  2. Having to explain to someone that I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, not India.
  3. Hearing from a car salesman tell my mother who has been in America for almost half her life that she doesn’t understand how America works
  4. Getting bullied in elementary school because “my skin looks burnt” or the food my mom packs for lunch is “gross”

The Donald has said rhetoric which helps to allow people to think stuff like this is OK. It isn’t. Having Trump as the face of our country enables these people, because they know(/believe) the leader of this country has a similar opinion.

Here is a list of very AMERICAN THINGS Trump said he is against:

  • Freedom of speech (1)
  • Democracy
  • Giving Muslim Americans normal treatment. (He wants to treat them the way we treated the Japanese during World War 2)
  • Separation of Church and State (Religious test at the border)

Here is a list of things which Trump has refused to deny (When I say refuse to deny, I mean in an allegation which contains strong evidence against Mr. Trump which was presented to him. Many of these he either said “no comment” or said “That makes me a good business man”):

  • Not paying taxes
  • Not paying his workers
  • Using illegal immigrants in his many construction projects.
  • Dodging the draft

That’s a red flag…

Ooh, here is a fun one! Things Trump said which would violate the Geneva conventions (keeps conflicts cold, not hot.):

  • We should use our nukes.
  • We should carpet bomb the Middle East and kill everyone

Trump on international Security:

  • Take away military support from countries such as Japan which we disarmed following a war and haven’t allowed to rearm.
  • Pull support from Israel until they pay for it
  • Pull out of the UN because they don’t pay for our troops (but they also make sure we don’t use them most of the time.)

Furthermore, Trump is a climate change denier, and while multiple countries are making the move to more renewable sources of energy, Trump vows to add more value to coal and coal mining to bring jobs back to America. These are not jobs that people want, they are often dangerous and destroy entire communities due to lead and other toxic waste poisoning. The sad part of this situation is those people have nowhere else to turn to, and Trump is enabling them now, instead of for the future, when he says he wants to bring those jobs back.

I can make 5 or 6 more of these lists and back all of them up with statements from Trump and his campaign. Trump has said and done things which would have gotten any other candidate much more criticism. We gave him a pass. This is on those of us who didn’t speak up, but if you support him after he put all of that up and know he said and did all of these things, please, I want you to go out and learn about who you just put in the White House, because I don’t think you truly understand.




So, to the guy who told me protesting should be supported, the possibility of this guy coming into office scares me more than a Trump presidency.

In conclusion, to close out my long rant, Trump is not a good choice for President, and I would be fully amenable to him being viewed as a failure in the White House. On the other hand, I would implore you not to take to the streets and protest this election. Our Democracy for the present and for the future means significantly more than the self-satisfaction you get from hitting the streets to get that deplorable man out of an office he doesn’t currently occupy, for policies he might not be able to pass. With that, COMING TO YOU LIVE FROM NEW YORK! Oh wait, this is real. Ouch, here’s to the next 4 years hopefully not stripping us of our freedoms and rights, and our country not going bankrupt.
Also, that’s something, I guess. 




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