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Hey friends, let’s talk about some of the upcoming Republican Policy and what they have planned, and why you should be more concerned than you are. So, every day, I hear another statement about how the Republican Government is planning to make a move on some policy or talking about the policies they plan to adopt. Let’s go through a couple while my mind is still functioning and on this topic.

  • Tax Policy and the Economy

Ok, this is going to get a lot of people really upset and unsettled, but both parties need to make some concessions. They both operate under the Keynesian Model of economics, that spending from the government needs to increase and taxes need to decrease for continuous growth. The problem is, the government needs money from the people (TAXES) to spend them. The Democrats get this, they raise taxes and then spend them, and that is fine and dandy. The Republicans also get this but choose to go the other way, they cut spending and in turn lower taxes…. Unfortunately, the way they cut taxes is wrong. They cut taxes more for corporations and the wealthier part of America, (and these people do deserve the amount of money they earn, let me explain before you just get irrationally angry). The problem with cutting taxes on these people as opposed to cutting taxes more for lower income people is that they don’t spend the extra money they now have. A person who makes a million dollars is less likely to spend the extra one hundred thousand dollars they earn, they would much rather just put it in the bank or invest it in the stock market. Neither of these foster real, solid economic growth because the primary way the economy grows and creates jobs is through consumption. If you cut taxes by ten percent for someone who makes fifty thousand dollars, they are more likely to spend every last penny of that money. This is why we have a progressive tax. The government skims that one hundred thousand from the wealthy to spend it and thus cause the economy to grow. It’s not personal, that is just how the world works, and it is the only way for the government to do it without going bankrupt themselves. This is a fundamental reason why reagonomics has not worked, yet the Republican party continues to implement it as a policy. 

  • Healthcare

With Obamacare (or the ACA, whatever makes you happy) we were destined to have 19 million Americans uninsured or under insured by 2020. (Statistic mentioned in previous post.) The Republicans know that number balloons a lot without Obamacare, and that many Americans will suffer. They thus created a narrative that Obamacare is bad (It is, but also because people don’t know how an insurance plan works along with the bill just being awful.) They want to do away with a government subsidy on healthcare to bring the costs down, because they blame this for costs going up. The real reason is the clause to not discriminate against pre-existing conditions. An Insurance company at the end of the day is still a business, and they look at your medical history to calculate their risks. In other words, if they think you are going to cash out a large part of your Medical plan, they need you to pay more, they don’t really have a choice because if you don’t, then you are not profitable to them. This caused the government to look at two possible solutions which cause people to curse Obamacare. The first solution is for the government to subsidize the daylights out of healthcare which would cause people’s taxes to go up a lot. The second is to force everyone to get healthcare at this higher rate so that Insurance companies are still profitable and capable of making money (Fines). The reason the fines exist is to make it cheaper for you to have insurance than not, and to force you to pay into the system because Obamacare limits an insurance company’s ability to deny you coverage due to an illness. The Republicans are saying now that they will do away with these solutions but keep the clause that makes the bill both valuable and toxic at the same time. The solution they propose, they know is incredibly moronic, and a president who wasn’t aligned with their party would instantly reject it.  This brings us to why they didn’t bring it up in the last two years. If Obama rejected it, and they tried again and we saw the disaster, the narrative would be Obama warned us, and we chose to ignore it. If they do it now, they will say “We did not see the current rate of unhealthy Americans as a likely issue when we passed the bill, the Democrats created this problem with Obamacare, things were fine before that bill was passed.” And people will go crazy and blame Obamacare. The issue is that this system and the institution has been broken long before Obamacare, and the Republicans and their supporters are choosing to forget this fact. The number one reason people have gone bankrupt in America is because they couldn’t pay their medical bills and this has been the case for many years running. This also parlays into why the Republican solution will not work, because we’ve already tried it, it hasn’t worked before. They should try something else.

  • Supreme court

Dear Kentucky,

Why is your Senator a hypocritical scumbag who cares very little for the people of America and the justice which the Supreme Court and the Judicial branch on the whole serves? Why did you vote for a guy who clearly has no respect for the constitution or the powers it gives the branches? Why are you still voting for him?


Anyway, let’s talk about Mitch McConnell for a minute. What he did with the Merrick Garland hearing and trial is criminal. I am not overreacting; I am not being “a fanatical liberal”. I am just being a rational person. Are you even paying attention? Merrick Garland never got a trial, never got a vote, and never got a sit down because Merrick Garland was a good candidate, and that would have been something good for the Obama legacy (He needs all the help he can get, if you are saying that I am wrong, go double check the facts, they aren’t as rosy as you would like to believe.). In an unprecedented fashion McConnell said that he would like to ignore his constitutional duty to help pick the right person for the job and instead chose to get party lines involved. Are you wondering what I mean?

Look at this for a minute:

Each of the previous candidates got a hearing or a nomination, and some of them had some questions to be asked about their character which led to them needing some time to come to a verdict on the trial. Sort that list by the most days which they were waiting for the results. Merrick Garland stands alone for the number of days which he was waiting, almost 200 more than the next guy. That is not even close to OK. It would make sense if Merrick had a sketchy history which the Senate needed to explore like Robert Bork. Nope, that isn’t even remotely close to the case here. The Senate was majority Republican, and if Garland was too liberal he would for sure be rejected. They instead chose to do the worst thing, something that Republicans hail as a “smart move”, they ignored the nomination and pretended like that vacancy could wait. This led to a precedent which the Republicans proceeded to use whenever it came for any vacancy in the judicial branch, they chose to wait. This caused the Judiciary branch to slow down by a significant margin, violating the fifth amendments to a speedy trial. Is that a good thing? So that the party could get a narrative, they chose to risk the stability of American Justice. Who is at fault here?

Now I am going to close this with a request to people on both sides of the aisle. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, do me a favor, PAY ATTENTION. Obama was not a knight who solved all the problems, and the Republicans are not perfect and going to solve all of his problems. Trump and his policies are not perfect, they aren’t remotely close (I will make a post about that as soon as possible, likely before the inauguration, I am dealing with some other stuff right now which are much more important and urgent than this blog.) A lot of people try to only look at the stuff that is either told to them, or makes them happy. I know it takes time, but verify everything. Most things in the world are not black and white, they are usually grey. If someone is making a very black and white conclusion, try to see if there is something wrong with that conclusion. If you can’t find anything, they might be right. I know that is a lot of work, but in this day and age with the President-Elect issuing statements which are not rooted in fact and people believing them, we are staring at a dark path which steers clear of the democracy which the founding fathers built. Polarization is going to cause people to do things with emotion, not fact. Parties aren’t important in the large scheme of things. They aren’t, ignore them. Please, for the love of America and Freedom, don’t make statements because of Party Lines, make statements because you believe them. This will help your senators and representatives to make the right decision, not the one that is motivated by parties.

Stay Skeptical, Stay Cynical,


P.S. I recognize this is as a rant and a free flowing stream of thoughts that needed to be put down because people don’t listen to the things I say and keep talking over me. Now you know where I stand, if you think I am wrong and should correct my stance, please feel free to message me and explain to me all the ways that I am wrong, but do it with facts, statistics and conclusions based on those things. If you start saying things based on emotion or go Ad Hominem, I will not honor you with a response and you might get blocked.


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